Sunday, 11 November 2012

again it was just a dream

dream again..this time,i was helping mom cutting the onion,some garlic and ginger in the kitchen..and then fetched my younger sister from school..and there was ali coming home from hostel and the next day all of us went to visit raudhah (baby) at matriks londang,masjid tanah.

again it was just a dream.

ooouhh..i just missed them sooo much..its not that long since i got back here in egypt..but still i felt just liked yesterday i was teaching my dear younger sister in her coming final exam...not so much time with my little brother..him staying in hostel of course..and my dear big baby in the house..not in the house anymore but further her study in matriks.

'makin umur meningkat,sorang-sorang dah keluar dari rumah..lame2 nnt tinggal ibu ngn abah je..lepas tu tunggu korg blk .'
-ibu time tgh lepak2 bersama.

im happy to go back home when it was holiday..but i dont like the house to be quiet  like a graveyard..last time there was baby,ali and hawa together fighting at the dinning table..and there was also munirah scolding at ali because he fart at munirah's face..hahah..still cant forget that time..dont dare to disturb hawa a bit,if not,she will cry for the rest of the day..and of course,baby and ali the one who like to make her cry..haha..and now i realize she missed her sister after baby went to matriks..

but as mom said,we need to face it..the time passed,all of us will go out from this and munirah in egypt right now..after this, baby also will enter the university..ali had stayed in SDAR for almost 3 years already..and left little hawa at home..dont want to go least,mom and dad had a friend at home.

eidul fitri 2012,
tampin,negeri sembilan

i know,last night dream was just only a dream..a dream in a sleep cannot become a reality..need to wait another 8 months to go..then i'll fly back to Malacca...home sweet home.

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